All done….


There it is, final proof which along with my certificate, which is now framed at work for everyone to see.

The final stages are long-winded, but as there’s no pressure I really didn’t mind the wait.  I had to get four of these printed, two for the University, one for my mother, and one for me.  The cost… well let’s say it was cheaper than I thought but still expensive really.

Two more stages left, the graduation ceremony in December, and getting the thesis published electronically so that anyone who wants to can read it themselves.  I think this is important, so though not compulsory, I’m preparing the paperwork now so that can be done.

I’ve said thanks several times before, but another time won’t hurt.  Everyone has been unfailingly supportive over the last five years.  I’m pleased it’s completed, I’m not missing the hours spent in Microsoft Word (though as always other things have filled any void that there might have been).

As much as the personal support, virtual support from people I don’t know, or hardly know face to face has been impressive, and I’d like to thank them too.  This blog will now be closed, I’ll switch back to my main WordPress blog and start there again.


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