So long, and thanks for all the fish?

I guess this could be one of my last posts to this blog, as it’s all done bar the binding as they say.

I received the confirmation email that my PhD journey was finished as I was on the train back from London on Friday on my own.  A simple email on my phone from my examiner, and that was it.

It surprised me, not the fact that my corrections had been accepted (I’d worked really hard to ensure that I had met the necessary criteria, and had made it really clear what I had changed), but the speed of the response, I was fully expecting to have not heard before Christmas, and have expected another two or three weeks of waiting.

Printing and binding (not cheap, but not as expensive as I thought it might be), and then submitting a version electronically but I should have a certificate in my hands very soon.  I have deferred the graduation ceremony until next December… a long time off but it will give us chance to sort out accommodation and the such like.

How do I feel?  Relieved is the primary emotion.  Looking forward to getting a home study back to something that reflects my personality rather than the books I have needed and referred to on a regular basis.  There is also a feeling of being out of balance, my PhD has taken up so much thinking time that it’s a big gap to fill.  I have plans for what I want to do, back to creative writing, build a massive lego set that was given to me as a birthday present that I’ve been keeping for ‘when I have more time’, and spending more time with friends and family.  Work will no doubt bring its own pressures too.

But apart from photos, this may well be the last post to this blog (and I may restart my other, more general blog which has been much neglected over the last five years), so it seems appropriate to leave you with this song.


  1. raetsel

    Congratulations once again on your tremendous achievement. Although the amendments were minor I know they weren’t trivial especially as you worked hard to maintain the integrity of what you wanted to say rather than just doing it to get the badge.

    This blog is a great record of your journey so thanks for sharing it.

    You must put the photos on and I think it would be instructive for people on the journey to hear what life is like 6 months or 12 months post PhD so maybe you can do an update or two on that.

  2. Zameer Hussain

    Congratulations! You now got your PhD and that will be perfect for you as you shine. It really does reflect that “hard works and 100% dedication will pay you off in the near future. Now that your dreams and ambitions just came true, I wish and I simply pray that you will be the best person in whatever you do, whatever career you will choose. Congratulations!

    Zameer Hussain

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