The finish line

Four and a half years ago I started on my PhD journey.  It will end on Wednesday as I attend my PhD viva (or defence), and demonstrate that I have sufficient knowledge to gain my Doctorate.

The last few months have been tough, not just with my PhD.  I’ve had to deal with physical ailments from the seemingly trivial (toothache and an extraction that required sedation) to big scares and a regular bombardment of migraines that have regularly send me to bed with an ice pack and a dark room.  I’ve supported friends and family through their bad news, as they have supported me.  I’ve experienced massive changes in my work environment.

But when it comes down to it, on Wednesday it’s me, my thesis and two examiners are all that matter.

I’ve received a good luck card from my parents, though the PhD experience (and the viva) is one that they can hardly comprehend.  I’ve seen first-hand how emotional people can get when they hear the news that they have passed, I can only hope that I have reason to be that emotional, for all the right reasons on Wednesday.

Keep an eye on social media, after the one-man fan club that is supporting (and driving) me, and my parents, Twitter and Facebook will be the first to know, one way or the other.

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