The calm after the storm

Wow, what a week.

Commercial proofreading is expensive, the cheapest quote was £1100 for a 50k thesis and that wasn’t in a timescale that I could consider.

Luckily I had two willing (mostly) volunteers.  One of them worked through it page by page, chapter by chapter and made comments, suggestions and corrections on pretty well every page.  I made these corrections, reprinted and then passed to my second proofreader.  We had allocated three days to do this work, I would make corrections on the fly.

In fact, and even with a couple of breaks to take in the sun on a glorious weekend, we completed this a lot quicker than we thought.  By late Saturday afternoon I was therefore sitting on a complete, double-proof read, fully referenced and formatted thesis as a pdf file.

In the end I slept on it (not literally, though it’s thick enough to act as a pillow), and submitted to the administrator early Sunday morning.  Would another read through have benefitted?  Possibly, but I was also aware that I had to ‘let it go’ at some point.

Again, above and beyond the call of duty she contacted me immediately about how to get it printed remotely, which I did.  Examiners are arranged, and just need to confirm a date now.  I have a fellow Cohort member who has a viva scheduled for early July, and it would be incredible if we could have our defences on the same day.

Lots of people have asked me what I intend to do now that I’ve submitted.  In reality it’s still there, I will re-read, check the key papers, create mind maps for each chapter based on the headings and subheadings.  But there will be a gap.  I’m looking forward to socialising again, spending more time with friends and family.  I do have a diploma in creative writing, which I may well go back to.

And how do I feel?  Relieved, anxious still, a little like having a tooth removed, I’m becoming aware of a gap.  Last night I spent a whole evening watching crap telly (though this was after a full days teaching too, when in reality I probably wouldn’t have had an evening working on PhD anyhow).

I’ll keep you updated on progress, and key dates.


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