Let it go…..

I’m coming to the end of the PhD writing journey.  I have a submission date in mind, and it will have been double-proofread by that time. I’ve got the say-so from my supervisor to submit.  Though my weekend was once again dogged by migraines, I spent a good few hours responding to proof-readers comments.

Indeed, in his last email when I was after final, final confirmation that I could submit, he told me to ‘Let it Go’ –

And just as I get myself in this frame of mind, Piled Higher and Deeper publish this comic.

I’ll post a message here once it’s submitted, then the waiting starts… I’ll not ignore my thesis in the time betweens submission and viva, but I imagine like a son or daughter who have left the nest, I’ll be thinking about it in a different way, the PhD ‘baby’ will have grown up.

We heard some great news from another in the cohort, the first to defend and (subject I believe to minor changes) has passed with flying colours.  Others are arranging viva dates… I should be third or fourth, not bad considering the four month intercalation I needed to take.

Amongst all this comes a salutary lesson for those of us who trust the cloud with everything.  The qualitative analysis software that I used for my coding and analysis, Dedoose, suffered a catastrophic failure, losing everyone’s data.  The restore has been long, painful and as I type incomplete.  I am lucky, my analysis was completed a while back and whilst I’ve been in to get data from time to time, I’d not added anything new for a while.  Dedoose doesn’t let you make local backups, only extracts in Excel format of some of the data.  Yes, we’ve all lost data in the past (I lost a chapter of my MA dissertation due to naively thinking a pen drive would be more secure than my hard disk, way back in 2006), but part of Dedoose’s appeal was the promise of regular backups.  They’ve implemented steps going forward, but this doesn’t help the many researchers who have lost significant data.

Fingers crossed then the next posting here will be a single word, ‘submitted’.



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