May the Fourth….

Yeah, yeah.  Cheesy I know but I am watching Episode I whilst I type this, so it seems appropriate.

It’s been nearly a month since my last post, not a month since I drafted one but I decided not to publish.  Sometimes I can be my own most critical editor.

My supervisor switched about three weeks ago to talking about ‘when’ I submit, which I took as a hopeful sign.  The final iteration of revisions was relatively minor, he still has concerns about one area, and whilst I’ve tried to address these, I’m actually looking forward to being able to discuss this in the viva.  My internal and external examiners have been appointed, and provisional dates have been discussed, but not agreed yet.

I’ve printed off two draft copies and we’re independently proof-reading them, one by me and whoever pops over for coffee, the other by some willing volunteers at work, which I’m very grateful for.  I have in mind a day when I submit this, best to keep it to myself – until I post to this Blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, and I’ll be seen celebrating in a hostelry.

The acknowledgements section at the start was written a while back, and some things have changed within it.  It’s dedicated to my Aunt, who died almost a year to the day before I submit.  I may well post the page here after my viva, it says a lot more about the support team I’ve had behind me than I’ve shared here.

After submission we confirm the viva date.  I’d like to think that’s a breather, but it’s not, I’ll be spending time reading the important papers that have had an influence on my work.  There are four possible outcomes for the viva, but I’ll write more about that later no doubt.




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