I’m continuing to work on revisions to my thesis.  I’ve just received feedback on the second draft, and there’s still a way to go I can tell.

More than anything thought over the last couple of weeks I’ve bee aware of the sacrifices that are made when you tackle something this big.  There were three specific events that I would have really liked to have gone to in this last week – one of them a family event and the others what looked like fun social things that I would have really liked to go to.

It’s not just you who is doing a PhD, which is why a thesis always has an acknowledgements section.  Mine runs to a full page, I have a lot of people to thank, and in one instance a family member is mentioned who is no longer with us.

As I type this I’m up in Edinburgh for a few days at an academic conference.  I’ve met two others of my cohort who are also close to submitting, but also those that have gone through the process and are now Doctors.  Along with all the warnings of being prepared for disappointment if the viva doesn’t give you an outright pass (very few do), and how to work on revisions, there’s also talk of the feeling of relief when it’s all completed.

Friends have already started planning for weekends away, and as soon after submission I’m planning a holiday away somewhere, ideally without the Internet and possibly without a phone signal would be even better.

I think it will be a while however before I can objectively state if the sacrifices have been worth it, but I’m on the PhD train now, and being so close to the station it would be crazy to press the emergency stop cord now.



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