First Draft completed


After a week which has left me very frustrated (for the first time ever at work, a little bit sweary), I really didn’t think that I would get much PhD work done.  I had five sections I needed to complete, plus a lot of little tidying.  But some lunchtimes in the library, and a couple of long evening sessions, plus a period of being mercifully headache free have meant that I’ve managed to complete a first draft. 

The feeling right at the end was of relief, but also tinged with sadness and a bit of worry.  I’m not daft enough to think that this is it, and everyone has told me that this isn’t the end, but it has to be the beginning of the end. 

I’ve now got a couple of weeks to polish it, I’ve got a mass of proof reading corrections to make already, and there’s a couple of known inconsistencies in my style that I’ve got to address.  I’ll then send off to my supervisor, and then head up to see what happens next.  I will have lots of work to do, but I’m ready for that and arrangements have been made to ensure that I can give the rework the attention it deserves.

But for the time being I can celebrate in a typically British way, with a cup of tea.  Tonight I’m out with friends, and I may just have a glass or two of wine to celebrate.


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