Downhill slope

I love the Winter Olympics, the diversity of sports and the broad spread of talents on display in each sport.  Even though I’ve never put foot to ski, I can really relate to this sport.

Bear with me on this one…. you have to overcome obstacles, you’re expected to perform as you go, and there’s always the chance that you can crash out at any time.  Oh yes, and my knees sometimes feel as bad as those that are doing this as a career.

But there’s also a more subtle metaphor (or allegory) hiding here… as you approach the end of the run, you tend to speed up.  When talking about student progress over a three year course, we often talk about ‘exit velocity’, noting that for many students their marks improve towards the end of the course.  Of course, they could just be getting better at interpreting what we as examiners, or assessors are looking for, but it could also be that they are getting better at what they are doing!

Today, with a good headwind I’ve managed to write 1500 good PhD words.  This doesn’t mean they’ll all make it into the final version of my thesis, but they are coherent, make sense, and though maybe lacking in style, do act as a good enough indicator of what I am trying to say.  In the four years I’ve been working studying on my PhD, I’ve never written this many words in one day.

The end is so close.  I have a few large sub-sections to write, some inconsistencies, and I suspect a lot of repetition to identify and either cull or clarify, but I am also only 7,500 words off my word count.  A few more sessions like this, and I could be there.


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