We can do it!


Just a quick note.  I disappeared into the university library at lunchtime, for what I thought would be a pretty desultory couple of hours working on my PhD.  I had the weekend (and Monday) pretty well washed out with a bad migraine attack, and the few words that I did manage to put finger to keyboard and write a few hundred words.

But, as I tapped away, and double-checked the words that I had typed (and deleted the word verisimilitude from a sentence – one that I thought I would never use in my life, and as it happens, I haven’t), I made a momentous decision.

we can do it 2

Yep, for once I’m feeling positive about the PhD experience.  I think some of this could come from the fact that I know a good friend is very close to submitting – seeing a ‘pacesetter’ cross the line ahead of me seems to have helped.

Word count wise?  Those that are counting I’ve got about 11,000 to go, and I’ve done about 11,000 words since I restarted at the start of November.  I’ve got tricky bits to do, and of course my supervisor may have a very different view of the words that I have written, but I think I’ve turned into the Olympic stadium, and can see the finish line, I’ve done the 26 miles, just the final 385 yards!


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