Steady as she goes

Another weekend dedicated to PhD work, with only a few minor, and welcome distractions en route.  I’ve given up trying to set myself unrealistic targets, 500 words each session will get me there, and I may even manage to get Christmas Day off!

Of course, any writing is non-linear, and the word count goes down as well as up,  when you re-read a section that made perfect sense to you, but upon re-reading, days, weeks or months later, it’s complete garbage.  So the old cut/paste into the ‘dumping ground’ Word file continues, and you rewrite, and rewrite.

I recently looked at the first piece of PhD work I submitted, way back in April 2010.  I can see that my writing has improved since then, but it’s also lost an element of my own voice.  The suppression of this in favour of more academic writing is something that has been mentioned by others on this journey.  I also know of some colleagues who have a style that has been maintained from the outset, they hit the ground running.  I doff my cap to you.

I’m still struggling with work/life/PhD balance.  It’s probably something that I’ll never get right.  I’ll have a go next weekend though, as I head to Lancaster for a PhD catch up, along with some socialising and last-minute(ish) Christmas shopping.

And I can’t really grumble about last weekend, when I had the chance to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of a TV programme that is very dear to me.

Matt Smith and I

So, enough diversions, and back to work.  There’s always more to write, more to analyse, more to read.


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