Midnight Oil

I’m not naturally a nightowl.  Most evenings when I’m out and about I start to yawn conspicuously at 10pm, and I know the Radio 2 presenters and programmes in the 10pm-11pm slot by heart (and if I’ve had a particularly tough day, 9:30).

Of course, whether I actually fall asleep, and then remain asleep is a moot point.

Today was the first day of teaching since early July.  Whilst always a shock to the system, it went down well and I’ve been productive since I got back.  A new book on e-portfolios arrived during my intercalation, and I was able to quickly evaluate many of the papers, and write some useful post-it comments on those that may yet end up in my (too big) literature review.

But for some reason the tiredness that had caused me to slump, alongside the fear that I was having another migraine attack subsided around 11:00, and I’ve spent a very useful couple of hours working through my PhD, chopping, changing and making notes as to things I want to change.

These sorts of sessions, with relatively little self-inflicted pressure are, I guess, what ‘doing a PhD’ should be all about – the ability to take time to reflect on words written in some instances a year ago, and place them in the bigger picture of the other 49,999 words that will make up the thesis, and in some cases you have to kill your darlings.

I’m about half-way through reviewing my work.  I hope to get that review completed by the weekend, and then review each of the changes (yes, reviewing the reviews, this is what a PhD does to you, makes you doubt every word that you commit to spinning disk), and either accept/reject the revision before sending to my supervisor my ‘work so far’ before I officially restart early November.



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