Back on the horse

Apart from a couple of late evenings working on my methodology section, and arranging for the final two interviews to take place with the chief executive and  asenior manager within the organisation I’ve been working with, I’ve not done much PhD this week.  I’ve had other things on my mind, and then once the funeral was sorted, the weekend was the start of birthday celebrations (not mine) which culminate in our long-anticipated holiday to the States.

So, I need to get back on the horse, and start studying in earnest… the word count isn’t increasing by anything like the amount that it should.  I have a Plan B to get myself on track and still submit by the end of January, but I need the goodwill of others to make it work, which isn’t always practicable.

I need to get out of the habit of thinking that PhD work can only be done in minimum of four-hour chunks, or larger.  At the moment this simply isn’t possible, evenings are often squeezed at one end or the other.  I need to look again at what is to be completed, and start setting myself some deadlines.  And finally, I also need to look back at the feedback my supervisor provided a week ago, and act upon it – apart from a cursory glance, I’ve not looked at since.

All this whilst still teaching, course directing, external examining, and a new ball to juggle potentially after tomorrow (Monday), which is important for my career development but could have come at a better time.

But, late on a Sunday evening isn’t the time to be thinking about all this, but a time to reflect on the upcoming week.  Whatever it brings I doubt it can be as grim as parts of last week were.  But as is the motto of the City of Birmingham, where I spent a lot of time the weekend – ‘Forward!’


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