What a week

Those that know me personally will know that it hasn’t been a great week for me.  The planned relaxing holiday was interrupted half way through, and travel plans had to be changed.  If since my return I’ve been able to spend an hour on my PhD, I think that’s being generous.  I hope that the funeral next week will act as some sort of closure, though there is still a lot to do, including clearing a home that four members, and two generations of your family have lived in for sixty-three years.  My Aunt never could understand why I seemed to be continuously busy studying, right back since 1992 I’ve always ‘had my nose in a book’, for A-levels by correspondence, then my degrees with the Open University before my PhD.  I was just glad that she was able to come to one of my graduation ceremonies (for  my MA in Education) at Symphony Hall.

A good friend though did share this link with me, which I’ve printed and laminated and put on my office walls.  All common sense stuff, I only have to follow it.

I did send off to my supervisor my restructured Chapter One and Two, and have had some feedback from him this morning. Not great feedback, not bad feedback either.  I think my supervisor feels that he’s walking a narrow tightrope with me, wanting to support me but clearly aware that I may be sensitive to too much criticism at the moment.

I also have to complete my ‘annual review’ form this weekend, which is supposed to be a fair assessment of where I am at the moment, and whether I am on track to submit at the expected time.  It’s a good job is was sent now, and not at the start of May, the response would have been very very different then.  I’ll be as objective as I can, and just hope that my supervisor concurs with my view.

But the sun is shining, and the coffee pot is brewing here, and I have an academic paper my supervisor has recommended to me to read.


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