Bank Holiday

An interesting bank holiday weekend.

Firstly I was laid really low by yet another stinking headache, which woke me at 4am Saturday morning with the feeling that someone had put a too-tight elastic band around my head. Tablets, ice packs, scalding hot showers (really, try it next time you have a headache, it sometimes works wonders) failed to shift it, so the morning was written off.  And so was the afternoon, but for a very good reason, I was trusted with looking after Bella…



Who was adorable, and cute, and also completely failed to recognise when I was struggling to read a book to help me work out whether my project can be classified as Action Research, Participatory Action Research, or Emancipatory Action Research.  I know when to give up, and the rest of the day was spent with a dog on my lap, and icepack on head.

Come Sunday, and a (nearly) fully recovered Andy, and I took Bella for an early morning constitutional…

IMG_1134… before heading to a family birthday celebration.  A good time was had by all, and considering the day before I had been nursing a headache that ranks in my top twenty worst migraines, I managed to put that behind me.

But today (Bank Holiday Monday) I have been constructive.  The restructuring is complete, though I am still very nervous of sending this off for feedback.  I think it will wait until I return from my  break.  I’ve been steadily adding words to my thesis today, so I’m close to where I was a month ago, when I received the feedback and had to take a long hard look at my work to date.  I’ve been adding information to the narrative case records that form the heart of my Data Collection chapter, have also included a sub-section on ‘rapport and bias’, and how I’ve tried to maintain independence even though this is a project of the type that makes this very difficult.

One thing that’s been quietly going on in the last month, through cough, cold and a busy workload is the final round of interviews.  They are all now complete, mostly transcribed, and the first broad brush of coding has also been started.  Only two more interviews to go now, with the chief executive and another senior manager of the organisation I’ve been working with for the last eighteen months.  I’ve been mind mapping the question areas that I would like to ask, and I think I’ve managed to get a good balance between narrative (I have to pass onto them my preliminary findings), and questions about the organisation.  I need to get the dates in the diary for these interviews, which I suspect might be challenging.

So, whilst it sometimes feels I’m wading through treacle (or worse), I guess I am making good progress, even if it’s not as much as I would sometimes hope.  I think this is a good place to be before having some time off, though this will also be a good place to be…

Sallertaine Town


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