A place for everything…

…and everything in its place.

I have a lot of books in this house (six bookcases at the last count), and the number is growing, despite most of my ‘for pleasure’ reading is now via my Amazon Kindle.  In practically every room of the house there are one or two books relating to my research.

I’ve spent some time this weekend ‘de-cluttering’, mostly moving books and other PhD ephemera from the room where it has settled and gathered dust to the room that it should be in.  I’ve also developed piles….. of journal articles and heck knows how many notebooks where I’ve jotted thoughts and ideas.  At least they’re all now in my study, which makes for a chaotic study but at least all that I need is in one place.

This doesn’t mean that I only work on PhD when in my study.  Far from it, one of the main reasons that I’ve gone for the Dedoose online qualitative software is so that I can work on any machine.  But it’ll be nice not having to search half a dozen rooms to find a book that I just know I have… somewhere.

It’s a strange phenomena, online and in my ‘digital’ life (both personal, work and PhD), I’m really organised, with folders, sub folders and sub sub folders, all backed up religiously and shared across multiple computers for multiple redundancies.  But my ‘meatspace‘ is much less organised and messier.

I have great plans, like many do, for post-PhD life.  I’ll spend more time working in the garden (though I never did before PhD), rejoin a gym, keep my house looking like the show home that I saw when I bought this house (I have a cleaner, but there’s a big difference between ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’, you can live in an untidy but clean house)… how many of them will be come reality I’ll find out in a years time.

Meanwhile, I can rejoice that my tidy up today has revealed the lost tickets for this concert, that I’m looking forward to more than many could imagine.


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