Revisiting papers

Well, I was only seventy-odd words off my 2k target for Good Friday, so I was pleased that I was close.  Apart from a couple of hundred words of case-record narrative, I did not do that much additional work over the weekend.  Sometimes life gets in the way, always for good reason.

This evening though, a strange thing happened, I experienced academic Deja Vu, searching my laptop for papers I had already downloaded, I found some papers relating to the subject that I’m about to tackle, but from almost exactly a year ago.  I’d forgotten that not only I had downloaded the papers, but also reviewed, highlighted and made comments on them.

So, part of me is pleased (less to read, I must have understood the papers at some point in the past), another part of me is concerned (how could I forget these papers, why haven’t I already included them!).

Of course, it’s a year ago, and whilst I have some key papers lodged in my head, with over ninety references (to date) in my thesis it’s not surprising that some that I included in my confirmation document but haven’t transferred to my thesis.

So, I’ll stop beating myself up about this, and move forward, looking again at the comments that this naîve young researcher made twelve months ago.


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