Hoppy Easter

As a non-believer and someone who hasn’t eaten chocolate for over twenty years (it was definitely a migraine trigger in the past, and after a certain time you don’t want to try it again ‘just in case’) there’s not much for me to get excited about at Easter beyond it being a long weekend and a chance to catch up with friends and family.

And work on the thesis.

All being well, next Easter will be viva time for me… following a January submission March/April seems to be the rough pattern when it takes place.  We were asked to consider the viva before we even started writing our proposal, to think what we thought might happen, and what would be a ‘good’ outcome of the process.  I’m hoping to persuade some of my colleagues at my own institution to hold a mock viva for me, and have considered asking the PhD student I’m co-supervising to be one of the examiners.  It could be a useful process for him, and me.

As always, I’ve struggled to carve time to work on thesis.  A cold has laid me low this week, meaning my evenings have been spent hacking and sniffling rather than reading and writing.  My ‘words per day’ I need to commit to keyboard has slowly crept up through 2013, and recent words, writing narrative case records for the individual participants could be giving me a false sense of security.  The vignettes help me present the participants as real, living people, not just anonymous data-points, but I suspect at some point they may have to move from the main body of the text, to the basement of all theses, the Appendices.

I’m planning to make today a ‘Good Friday’ though (see what I did there?)  OK, being awake at 5am may not be such a great start for that, but I’ve set myself a 2,000 word target for today, fuelled by Starbucks coffee (when it opens) and the carrot that I can then have a couple of days off to spend with friends and family without those three letters… P  H D crossing my mind.


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