The proof of the pudding….

I’m still standing, though I’d be lying if I said it’s been an easy couple of weeks recently.  Teaching coming to a head, and lots and lots happening away from my PhD has meant that the time I’ve been able to commit to hitting the keyboard has been limited.  Apologies for the lack of updates here, it’s been tough.

One thing frequently left to the last minutes is proofreading.  I’ve decided, and had the opportunity to get some proofreading done from someone else over the last couple of weeks.


I’m now going to make these amendments, before plowing on.  Yes, there will be some changes I’m sure as I go through, and I may be correcting words that don’t make it into the final version of the thesis, but at least it will be more coherent.  Also any chapters or extracts that I send off to my supervisor will allow him to concentrate on the content, not the spelling mistakes, or my own pet habit of putting the same words at the end of the sentence that I started it with.

How am I feeling about PhD at the moment?  Mixed.  There’s lots and lots to do still, but I am starting to complete whole sections and chapters, which is a good place to be.  I’m well behind any reasonable schedule, and if I can spare the time I’m looking at a week’s ‘retreat’ where I can up my word limit.  I can’t consider this though until I’ve completed the data gathering stage, still one more cycle to go, and I’m struggling to work out what’s going to happen here.



  1. Steve Wright (@stevewright1976)

    I attended the thesis writing second year workshop yesterday which is also available as distance learning – found it VERY useful! From readign your blog though and the focu there on “completed chapters” got into a bit of a panic for a while as I;ve written NO chapters at all – not really got an outline structure either. Calming down a bit though as I have prolific writing I can hopefully hammer into coherent chapters when needed…

    THe links for the three stages as DL modules are:
    FASS516d: Thesis Writing (First Year Students) (distance learning) [1]
    FASS619d: Advanced Thesis Writing (Second Year Students): Refocusing the Thesis (distance learning) [1] (the one I did F2F)
    FASS620d: Advanced Thesis Writing (Final Year Students): Towards Completion (distance learning) [1]

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