Getting back on the horse

It’s not been an easy week. Disappointing news at work, and a lot of time even when not visiting someone in hospital, thinking about what’s going on there hasn’t left much space in my mind for PhD work.  I started to feel guilty, then worried, then last night downright panicking about how little I’d done this week.

My working patterns have shifted, in work early to teach or do admin, then hospital and doing my online stuff in the evening.  As well as my face to face teaching I’m looking after two modules taught purely online, which along with the usual flurry of emails and replies needed, meaning I really spend a lot of time tapping away at this keyboard until late evening.

One new year’s resolution I’ve managed to keep well is reading things without the word ‘research’ or ‘-ology’ in them.  This morning I finished a mammoth book (both in size and scale), and feel a real sense of achievement.  OK, not in a ‘put words down on paper’ type of achievement, but hey ho.

This is a hospital-free day as others are visiting, and I’m determined to make the best of it, up early, hitting Tesco and I have managed a couple of hours of interview coding (so many words!).  I’m about to try and write a tricky part of my thesis, recognising the limitations of the methodology chosen.  I’m actually writing this before I’ve written about the methodology.. a method that is either genius or insanity.  I have a culinary treat once I’m completed.

Enough procrastination. Let’s get this section written.


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