The Tree of Knowledge

It’s surprising where the exploration of the theoretical framework has taken me in a few short days.  The concept that I am working on, ‘Structural Coupling’ has it’s origins in the worlds of chemistry and, surprisingly for me, biology.  The book that I’ve been guided towards is “The Tree of Knowledge, The Biological Roots of Human Understanding”.

There’s a whole new language I’m having to learn.  I was fine with the concept of autonomy, but autopoiesis was a new one on me (unsurprising, as I discovered it was a term invented by the authors of the book I am reading), as was the ideas ‘radical constructivist’ and ‘solipsistic epistemology’.

An image from another part of the same book that I’m reading probably sums up how I feel at the moment.


There’s a lot still to do, and there are some unexpected obstacles within my field work which at the moment I have no real idea how to overcome.  I have contingency plans, but if Plan B is activated it’s going to be a major headache as it’s potentially a real change in my methodology, though luckily the framework that I’m working on now should still stand.

What’s happening in the next few days?  Enough reading and note-taking, I need to start writing this down, and I also need to arrange a meeting with my supervisor… apart from sporadic email contact we’ve not been in touch since my trip ‘up north‘ in December.


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