New Year Resolutions

I’m not a great one for New Year Resolutions, but regardless of your own view there is a tradition of a ‘clean slate’ at this time of year.  Healthwise, I’m now feeling much better than even three or four days ago, and have been back on the PhD horse for the last two days.

I’m doing ‘OK’, in terms of getting words down on paper (well, OK, into Word), having just hit the 20% mark.  A long way to go, but I do still have a year (ish) to go before submission.  I’m not doing so well in terms of the data analysis, and also one of my priorities when I get back into the office is to create some more ‘how to’ documents for the participants of the study, ready for the next phase.

So, here are my new year resolutions for my PhD.

  1. I am not going to beat myself up if I miss a day’s work due to migraine/sickness/apathy/American Dad DVD boxset.  This is a marathon, not a race, and it’s better to write 100 good words that I’m happy with than 200 words that I feel have been squeezed out of me.
  2. I will not get shirty when people ask me ‘How’s the PhD?’ rather than ‘How are you?’ – I will thank them for taking an interest and remember that this is a temporary addition to my life.
  3. I will not get distracted when working by Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Tumblr,  finding the perfect playlist or podcast to listen to or by discovering that cleaning the dishwasher is a fascinating way of spending an afternoon.
  4. I will recognise that whilst I might not yet be the world authority on my subject, I probably know a lot more about it than most people.  I’m sure I’ve shared this diagram with you before which is on my noticeboard above me.  I’m still pushing at the border… sometime soon the slight bump I can feel will relent.

Thanks as always to my supporters, both in real life and virtually, who are keeping me company.  I couldn’t do it without you.



  1. Karate Tibber

    Chances of achieving the above (knowing you as I do)

    1. Possible but not probable
    2. Unlikely
    3. No chance
    4. Probable

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