Coming to a shelf near you in 2014

Yesterday was a day of two halves.

My time in Lancaster was really useful.  I arrived, parked up, fell over (more later), and found ‘the thesis room’, where the theses of previous students are stored waiting for people like me to come along.  My thesis, and those of the rest of my cohort, should join these shelves sometime in 2014.


I was there to read a specific thesis recommended by my supervisor, and as I had a couple of days annual leave due before I break up for Christmas, I thought a quick dash up and down to Lancaster could be useful.

Indeed, the time with my supervisor flew, and my notes hardly capture all that we covered.. the general gist though was that I’m doing OK.  I think I’ve managed to reassure him (and me!) that there’s enough theoretical ‘stuff’ for me to explore in the area that I’ve covered.  We also discussed external examiners and drew up a short-list.

One thing that we also discussed was writing style.  My academic voice is coming through, but my writing style will always lack verbosity.

I also had an excellent lunch and catch-up with another member of my PhD cohort, so good in fact that I was almost late for the tutorial.  It’s hoped that we’ll have a cross-cohort residential next April, with people from all stages of the programme.  Of course we’ll be the wise old men by then, with three other cohorts behind us.  I’m sure they will show us due deference (or take one look at us and run away).

I did say a day of two halves.  Unfortunately as I said I fell over on campus (easy to do, there’s a lot of steps!), and my knee took the brunt of it.  The swelling became golfball sized before abating, all that was needed was rest.  Unfortunately the fates conspired against me, and the M6 was closed Southbound due to a terrible accident, so my two hour journey became a 4 and a half hour marathon, diverting via Ellesmere Port, Chester, Whitchurch and Newport.  Not the most relaxing journey back, but another excellent meal was prepared for me on my return.

Today I’m chilling, transferring the notes made on my LiveScribe pen into Evernote, and appending with my own scrawlings and web searches carried out whilst there.  I did intent to head out for a walk.. but given my failure to stay upright, that’s probably not a good idea.


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