Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall?

Every little milestone has to be recorded and achieved on the path to a PhD, it’s so easy to focus on what has to be done rather than what has been done.

This is my third Christmas with my PhD, and will probably (hopefully) be my last ‘reading’ Christmas.  In January 2014 I’ll be submitting, so to be honest the only things I’ll be reading next year are my own words as I carry out proof-read after proof read.

So, I’ve trundled off to the library to pick up my ‘alternative’ Christmas reading list.


OK, you’ve spotted my cheat, there’s two versions of the same book here… but the later one is a ‘one week loan’, so it’ll be a quick compare, contrast and important pages tagged before it returns to the library to spend the holidays with its other one-week-loan compatriots.

I’ve been reading other Educational Research theses recently, and on Monday head up to Lancaster Uni to meet my supervisor and to read another thesis which is only available in dead-tree format.  I’ll only have a few hours, so it’s going to be a quick read, but I should get a good sense of the areas that my supervisor wanted me to cover.

I still don’t know whether this holiday (I have three weeks away from work, one of the perks of being an academic at this time of year) will be a complete chill away from the PhD, or whether I’ll be inspired and put finger to keyboard and bash out another 10k words of insightful and quality literature (ha!).  In reality of course it will be a mixture of the two… I’ll feel guilty if I don’t work on PhD, when I am working on it I will resent some of the time when I should be ‘on holiday’.

Ah, the joys of research.



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