Another day, another dollar

A day of two halves, as a soccer pundit would say.  I fully expected a hangover this morning, having celebrated the start of the weekend a little too heartily on Friday.  I woke early though with a clear head.  I took the chance of an early start (and an early visit from Santa Amazon, one of many, many deliveries this time of year) to get out and about, and clear the decks for the rest of the day.

The interviews last week were a mixed bag, but I’ve managed some early transcriptions and my conscious effort of not interrupting the interviewers has indeed helped make for ‘better’ interviews (though I’m quickly finding out that interviewing is so much more than asking questions and nodding at the right points as the participants answer).

One seed planted by my supervisor was that of ‘what about the emotion’, and I’ve been looking for some sort of way to easily record the emotional state of the interviewees.  This doesn’t always come through in the interview transcription, so I have had to go back to the cycle one interviews and assess the ‘mood’.

Rather annoyingly, when looking for ’emotional scale’ on which to judge these responses, the one that comes at the top of search engines is the somewhat ‘new age’ Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale – I need to search my (many, many) research books to discuss how to better address this issue in my thesis.

Talking of which, a lot of today once I tidied my desk, sent yet another list to Santa Amazon (curses Black Friday, limited-time events), and generally got my act together, was reformatting my PhD as per the latest guidelines provided by the course team.  Of course, they had been there for quite a while, but it’s only today that I finally did a compare/contrast.  I also took the chance to add the ‘frilly bits’ that I could to my thesis document, the computer-generated, but oh so useful table of contents, figures, tables.  The reason for this is that the thesis word count is an absolute 50,000 words, including everything except reference list, so I need to know pretty precisely what words I have to play with.  I’m always a ‘write up to limit’ kind of person rather than a ‘write what you want then cut it down’ character.  Always have been, always will.

One section at the start of the thesis is  ‘acknowledgements’, and at the moment this could form a larger section than my conclusions chapter.  As well as my friends and family who have supported me and have been incredibly patient since January 2010, when I started out on this journey, there’s my supervisor to thank, work colleagues and the rest of the cohort, who have been both supportive and challenging of my assumptions.

Before this turns into an award ceremony speech, I’ll stop and get back to actually doing some work.


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