Seconds out – round two!

A brief respite in an otherwise hectic day to bring readers, and myself up to speed on the last couple of weeks of PhD toil.

The total number of words added to the thesis since last time. Nil, or as near to nil as makes no odds.  I’ve done some restructuring and tinkering around the edges, but there’s been two dominant themes recently.

Firstly was my supervisor meeting last week, through the wonders of Skype.  All went to plan, and apart from a slightly mumbled apology from me for not being quite as up to date as I should be I think we’re doing OK.  I’m heading up to Lancaster for my next meeting in December, as there’s a thesis that he’s keen for me to read in the University library.  It’ll be there and back in a day, let’s hope the weather is kind to us.

I do still have some big concerns, and these are around the basic philosophical approached that the work is taking, pretty big issues I guess.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the data collection and analysis.  More reading is needed in this area, and I’m hoping that the next book I purchase will be the one that solves it all for me.

Meanwhile, the second round of data collection (interviews) have been scheduled.  I’ve had problems contacting some people, but overall I have (I think!) ‘enough’ to validate the study.  I’ve talked contingency plans with my supervisor, and we’ve decided they’re not needed yet.  So I’m preparing questions directly stemming from my first cycle of interviews.  This is at the core of Action Research, changing the structure of questions in relation to what has gone before.  Since June I’ve read more literature around the subject of the thesis too, and this of course will influence the information I’m trying to gather.  So, still behind, still playing catch up, and still struggling to find the time that I need.  Luckily the thesis is so big that if I am getting bogged down in data analysis I can always focus on another part.

Apparently, my home institution has a motto “Do what you are doing; attend to your business” – guess I should do the same!


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