Lazy hazy crazy days of Summer

I’ve effectively had nearly a month off my PhD work. This doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing in the last month, but if I were to bring together all my reading, writing and analysis together I doubt it would hit a full 24 hours worth of work.
What I have been doing is relaxing, reflecting and preparing my mind for the next six months of work. I’ve realised that my original plan has to be thrown out of the window.
My original thought was that my PhD would be written sequentially, my confirmation document becoming my first chapter, then the context to make it clear in my mind where I was was going, methodology, literature review etc. etc.
In reality it doesn’t work that way… I’ll read a really interesting article on the ‘state of the art’ of e-Portfolios whilst reading some pretty fundamental texts on the nature of ‘social knowledge’.
So my thesis is building, but slowly, and at a pace that will need to be stepped up if I am to submit this side of my 50th birthday.
One thing that has gone well is the actual project itself. All the interviews went really well, and through a mixture of self-transcribing and outsourcing I should by mid-September have some 50,000 words to analyse. This seems formidable, but the second stage of the project is not necessarily contingent upon analysing this completely. All I need to do is ensure that the key themes can be identified, so that the second cycle of Action Research is focused.
So, if I was my own supervisor, how would I rate my progress? I may be a little disappointed that the number of words committed to paper is light, and that my ‘to read’ pile is bigger than my ‘read’ pile, and I’m focusing too much on the project than the thesis, but at least I’m aware of the issues…. how to resolve them is another matter!
I’ve actually got a second blog post to make too, about what I’ve been doing for some of my Summer which is indirectly related to my PhD, so I’ll save that for another entry.


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