On my travels

Become an academic and see the world… I’ve certainly traveled a lot more since joining academia than I ever did in any of my previous jobs.  Hungary, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Florida, and tomorrow Boston.

For most of these I’ve presented papers that I have written or co-written, or accompanied students to conferences.  This one is different for me that it’s totally practice based, and I have nothing to do but attend the sessions and enjoy the experience of a new city.

I’ll not forget my PhD, I’ve nearly completed my first cycle of Action Research interviews, and they have been fascinating.  Transcription is still the elephant in the room, and if I am to be on target I need to complete this (by hook or by crook) by the end of July, certainly before I take to the air again for my well-deserved (does anyone have an undeserving) holiday?

This week has also seen me back up in Lancaster… not to see my supervisor (I had a meeting planned, but I’m in a ‘good place’, and would rather save my supervisors time for the inevitable upcoming crises), but to attend and present at the Mahara 2012 conference.  I couldn’t make the plenary, but apparently next year the conference is coming to Birmingham, maybe I’ll be able to present more about my PhD findings.

I think our session (co-presented with Steve Wright) was entitled “The trials and tribulations of Using Mahara as a PhD Learning Journal – and trying to get anyone else to do the same” was appreciated by the audience, at least there were some interesting questions.  This very blog was up on screen as an example of how I carry out reflection, and the pros/cons of having a learning journal visible to the world.

Right, better finish packing my bags.


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