Interviews part one

I am in the middle (well, just starting) the interviews that make up the first cycle of Action Research, the process of gathering data has begun!

This is an exciting time, but because of issues of confidentiality and privacy, I can’t say that much yet about the process itself. They are going well though with a wide range of responses and people, which was exactly what I wanted at this stage.

One thing I need to do is to keep my mouth shut, and let participants talk more. This is much easier said than done without turning me into Churchill, the nodding dog from the annoying adverts (‘oh yes’).

Data gathering is one thing, the subsequent analysis is another, and harder part of the whole thing. In my confirmation document I have stated in abstract terms how I’m going to do this, but being faced with (potentially) nearly thirty hours of audio to transcribe is daunting. It will get done I’m sure.

It’s not all work work work though, and in the next month I will be travelling the length and breadth of this country for fun as well as work, and will also be heading abroad as I have the chance to go to Boston, MA, to attend a conference in early July.

I feel like I am juggling cats at the moment, and so far none are biting me. Long may it continue.


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