The highs and the lows

In the last week I’ve hit highs and lows within my PhD.  I’ve had a lousy rotten stinking cold, which scares me for various reasons.  I’m recovering slowly now, but being forced to take fingers from keyboard for four days has helped me reflect on my project.

As per my previous blog post, I have a lot of work to do on my confirmation document, but I also have a fair bit of time to do this.  The basic premise of my PhD is still sound, my supervisor is simply ensuring that it’s presented in the best way.  I’ll never be someone who takes written criticism well, but it’s part of the PhD game.  In some ways this helps me come my viva in two years time, I’m much more confident about defending my work face to face than when I see it written down.

Whilst I’ve not really started revising my confirmation document, the last couple of days have allowed me time to confirm that the organisation is still on board (it is), and ensure that I know what needs to change in my confirmation document… about a third of it is going to be put in the metaphoric trash can, and I have to write a literature review about a particular philosophical stance that is new to me, but fits well with my thinking (emancipatory action research anyone?). 

So, from being very low, I’m currently feeling pretty good about where I am.  I’ve got a backlog of ‘real’ work that’s scary at the moment, and the next couple of weeks are going to be frantic, but for those that know me, that’s nothing new.  Rattling off my commitments to a relatively new colleague last week (before I succumbed to my cold) she uttered the classic ‘I don’t know how you do it’ quote… the reality is sometimes I don’t, but it’s not through lack of trying most of the time.


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