Time flies

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to update this blog.  A lot has happened, so in best/worst tradition a numbered list may be of use.

  1. I did indeed receive confirmation that I had passed my part one successfully, and have now progressed onto part two of the course.  I have already written 25k words of PhD quality work, so the thesis I will work on in the next couple of years only has to be 50k words.  I swing between this being an impossible target, and wondering how I’m going to fit in all I have to say in only 50k words.
  2. We had to put our supervisor preferences in by the end of January.  Clearly there was some issue with the process this year, as it didn’t go as smoothly as we expected, but around mid February we were allocated.  I got my second (of three choices) for supervisor, but early signs are that we are well matched.  We’ve had phone calls, Skype chats and I’m going up to meet him at the end of this month, which is also the kickstart week for my literature review.
  3. Whilst all this was going on I have been working on my confirmation document.  This in other words is the ‘proposal’, what I’m going to do, how I”m going to do it etc – consider it as this expanded to 5k words, modified, revamped, cut, pasted, and agonised over.  It is the roadmap for the next two years… and anyone who knows what my sense of direction is like will appreciate the importance of a roadmap.

Whilst all this has been going on I’ve written a paper for a journal focused on my ‘day job’, reworked another paper that will be published soon here, as well as my external examining duties for two different universities, external assessor for a third, my day job as a lecturer, and my Open University tuition too.  It’s no surprise therefore that I’ve been a little frazzled recently, and haven’t updated this blog.  The only reason I’ve managed to find time to do this is that I’m at an Open University conference this weekend, and so have been able to clear the decks.

This aside, I am enjoying working on my PhD, and a recent look back at some of the ‘how to’ books that I bought when I first embarked on this journey remind me why I am doing this in the first place.  The juggling of all the above wouldn’t be possible without the support of friends and family, the infinite patience of those closest to me, and those who I talk to on Twitter and Facebook, whom I may never meet in person, but are always there when staring at my own words on a screen gets too much, and I need a distraction.


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