The end of the beginning

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”

Winston Churchill

On Tuesday I received the email that confirmed that I had passed the final Part One module, again by the skin of my teeth.  I really didn’t expect anything more than the mark awarded given some difficulties I had in responding to the feedback received.

This means however barring a disaster of epic proportions I will receive assurance at the end of the month that I can progress to Part 2 of the programme as a PhD student.

I’ve had a couple of celebrations the last week, but now it’s nose to the grindstone (this posting seems to be a collection of clichés, which I must avoid like the plague), and working on what is called the confirmation document, and getting a supervisor.

Supervisor allocation is a little like the ITV quiz show “Take Me Out”, but without the intricate psychological subtleties that are completely lost on me, as I manage around thirty seconds of viewing before switching channels.  I tout my embryonic research plan around a long list of potential supervisors, some I know well, some I have barely had contact with, and some I have to work out if they could be suitable supervisors merely by looking at their photo.  Those that show a faint flicker of interest in my idea are then ‘courted’, until they allow me to put their name on a form that has just three slots.  Some mystic process then takes place where students are allocated to supervisors, and in a similar way that Jake connects to his Toruk in the film Avatar, we are bonded for the next two years…. or something like that.

I have been fortunate, my courting has gone well and I have three names to put on my form, all of which I’m happy I could work with.  I want to submit the form now, but we are still developing the nascent ideas, through reading, discussion, and in my case copious amounts of Coke Zero left over from Christmas (though last night this was replaced with Pedigree Bitter, no hangover but shaky legs this morning).

But I do appear to have a title for my thesis… or at least a working title.  I think that deserves a posting of it’s own though, so as ‘youf’ say today – laters!


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