British Library Postgraduate Day

Last Friday saw me catching an early train down to London to spend a day at the British Library.  This wasn’t my first time there, having visiting once in the summer for an exhibition, and when I hit a major writers block in September I headed down for another day hoping that being with so many other studious people would help (it did).

The day was a mix of ‘how to’ sessions, provide encouragement and confidence on how to obtain a reader’s card (the magical pass that allows access to the reading rooms and the sacred archives of the British Library), and practical hands on experience.  The morning session was particularly useful for me, as the curator (not librarian) demonstrated through fanzines, books and online resources an example of linking sport to social trends over a seventy year period.  Persuasive, engaging and entertaining.

The day was also zero-cost, as my traveling expenses were also covered by the BL.  The only expense being the mountains of coffee that I drank waiting for an off peak (and incredibly overcrowded) train back home.  It made for a long day, and maybe not directly related to my studies, but really interesting and I’m glad I had the chance to go.  If a similar opportunity arises, I would recommend you go for it.

My mind is split into two at the moment, I’ve received peer-review feedback on my draft assignment, and there is some work to be done, I am still awaiting the tutor feedback but have already adjusted pretty well every paragraph in a marathon session tonight.  On Saturday (yes, Saturday) I have an examination for my professional practice that goes a long way to gaining Certifies IS Auditor status.  The time I’ve been able to spend on this has been limited, but I have time set aside each day this week alongside my PhD work, and my ‘day job’.  This probably also explains why after sixteen hours of being ‘on’ I find myself completely unable to consider sleep, hence this posting.

So for many reasons Christmas can’t come soon enough for me.


One comment

  1. raetsel

    Sounds like a really good day. Almost makes me want to do something academic again. Only almost though then I read of your hours of work and think, maybe not.

    So are you going to get a reader card?

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