Feeding my technolust

I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been so busy working on my PhD that I’ve not posted here again for a long while.  The reasons are many and varied.  Here’s a quick update on where we are.

I got the final (subject to confirmation) mark for my last module on the PhD.  I was really disappointed with the mark, though it met the criteria to stay on the PhD, it only did so by the bare minimum.  I was considering an appeal, but after discussion with my peers, I didn’t think there was any major benefit in me doing so.  I’m a little concerned now that my overall profile will be adequate for me to progress to the PhD level, but have put this to one side for the time being.

The current module, compared to the somewhat steady pace of the previous module, is a mad race to the finish line.  We submit our draft assignment on the 28th November, less than a month after coming up with the original idea.  I’m progressing well on my subject, and should have time to put it to one side and reflect on it before submitting the draft.

The title of this post reflects that I have finally succumbed, and upgraded my laptop to a new MacBook Pro.  It’s a really nice machine, and whilst horrendously expensive for a laptop, when considered as a ‘cost per day’, should work out cheaper.  It’s only my third laptop, iBook in 2003, and MacBook in 2007, so I’m hardly profligate.  If this lasts as long as my white MacBook did, I’ll be very pleased.

Before delivery of any technology though, I always have a high expectation of what the technology can do for me.  In reality of course it’s ‘only a computer’, and many of the same problems that I had with my old laptop are still there.   The keyboard is nicer, but of course I still have to actually type my thoughts into the machine.  And I’m really surprised that even with an 2.4 Ghz i5 processor, the fans still kick in surprisingly frequently.

I need to recognise that technology is a tool.  A very clever tool, and the processing capability of this machine is unsurpassed, but it can’t directly make me feel any happier, or be any richer than I was before (in fact when the payment hits my account, I’ll be significantly poorer).

Still, if it makes me a little more focused on my PhD, and more likely to put finger to keyboard, then who am I to argue?

My next update will be after I’ve submitted my draft assignment.  I’ve been invited to a research day at the British Library, which I am particularly honoured to attend, and will write my experiences up on that (hopefully on the way back home).



  1. Steve

    Did you get student/education discount for the MacBook Pro? Makes them just horrendously expensive rather than ridiculously overpriced. They do run Windows 7 really well though!

  2. Andy Hollyhead

    Indeed I did get the HE discount, and sold my 4.5 year old MacBook to the son of a friend to initiate him into the cult of mac.
    You will be assimilated Steve, it’s just a matter of time.

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