I’m still standing

It’s been a long time since I posted, there are several reasons for this, but for those that still subscribe here, or dip in from time to time, I wanted to let you know I’m still standing.

What’s happened PhD wise since last time I posted.

  1. I received feedback on my draft small-scale research, two from my peers, and one from my tutor.  They were somewhat contradictory in places, but one thing was clear, I needed to have a rethink on some basic areas of my assignment, including the research questions.  I rewrote one of these, reworded the other, and I think I have a stronger paper because of this.  How strong I don’t know, because we won’t get the results until the 10th/11th October.  Impatient? Me?
  2. I’ve also written a one-pager outlining the thesis research I would like to do (also known as the ‘Part Two’).  The purpose of this paper is two-fold.  Firstly it always helps to get something down on paper rather than the nebulous ‘I want to look at’, or ‘I’m thinking of doing…’.  I have avoided both of these phrases.  I also need to approach an individual within the company that I’m hoping to work with next year (actually the chief executive!), so I need to ave something in my hand to show him next week, when I’m hoping to make a pitch (think Dragon’s Den, without the snide comments or backbiting).
  3. We have also been reviewing the last module,which was a long one from April through to now.  I know it’s a cheat post, but I may well just copy and paste my own feedback here, it may be useful for others to see how a module is reviewed, and what I had to say about the process that has taken most of the last six months.

Until Christmas we have this crazy ‘two-legged’ approach.  Whilst completing the ‘taught’ part of the PhD (though this is a misnomer) we are also looking forward to the thesis, and the creation of the conversion document.  So modules five and six run concurrently until Christmas, then module six until the confirmation document is signed off.

How do I feel about this, given that I’m not exactly sitting and twiddling my thumbs in my day job too?  I have felt very low in the latter stages of this module, and seriously considered why I am doing it.  But there have been a few salutary reminders recently why if I want to thrive in the new Higher Education regime we are now in, I need more than my two x undergraduate and 1 x masters degrees.  A higher degree is not meant to be easy, and I don’t think any of my cohort are seeing this as ‘simple’.  As long as there are more ‘highs’ than ‘lows’ then I’ll stick with it… but this is being written half way through the two week break between modules.


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