Submitting Early

Most students in my experience want to use every available second and will submit up to, and sometimes a little after, the assignment deadline.

I’ve rarely needed the very last minute, usually submitting my mini research projects on this PhD a week early.  However for this module, I’ve submitted my draft assignment twelve days early.  Why would anyone do this?  Isn’t it best to take all the time that you can?

There are three reasons that I’ve submitted so early.

  1. I have finished the draft.  This isn’t meant to brag or boast, I started the project really early as I needed to be sure I could get hold of the participants.  The approach I used (Grounded Theory) also meant that I had to get the data in early.
  2. I’ve also got a late summer holiday, and will be both packing, and away at the actual date of submission.  I will have to take my laptop away with me and do some work whilst away, but it’s not a lying on the beach style holiday anyhow, this shouldn’t be a major issue.
  3. There has been a pretty major unforseen incident in my life in the last week, my mother was taken into hospital last Thursday with worrying, but unspecific medical problems.  The time that this has taken out of an already busy schedule has been significant, and whilst I wouldn’t begrudge a second of this time, it is another ball that I have to juggle – and I’ve never been very good at juggling.

In the long term too, I’ve taken steps to reduce the number of balls I have to juggle, and have applied to take a year off my Open University tutoring role in 2011.  This is a big step, both financially, and emotionally, having been involved with the Open University since 1994, firstly as a student, then since the start of 2000 as a tutor on a total of five different courses over the years.

Back to the assignment, the next stage is the peer review of two other submissions, which I will start at least whilst I’m away.


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