A relaxing break

I’ve been away for the last week or so, having some ‘quality time’ in France.  I made a conscious decision not to take anything related to my PhD away with me, and it worked to a great extent, though as I caught the Eurostar back, thoughts inevitably turned back to what I had to do, and the fact that this may be my last guilt-free break for a while.

I’ve got a deadline coming up for the submission of the draft assessment for this, part four of the module.  The draft of the draft is written, I need to go through, check that it tells a consistent ‘story’, and most importantly for me, ensure that the research questions that I set at the start of the research is actually clearly answered at the end.  This is relatively easy for short pieces of assessment such as mine, less so when I move up too the ‘big thesis’.

At the moment I’m a little anxious about the PhD I guess, a bit like a Tamagotchi it seems to need constant attention.  Having effectively ignored it for a fortnight, will I find it sitting in the corner of the screen sulking… admittedly it could be that the shortcut to the file is physically sitting on my computer screen which probably doesn’t help.

Whilst I don’t want to turn this into a blog about technology, I am thinking of making a fairly major purchase of a new laptop.  Annoyingly, my four-year old MacBook refuses to die, with 95% of it’s original battery capacity, and loads of disc space still available… things would be so much easier if there were major problems, and I could mentally justify the switch.  I’m torn between two choices.  I always thought it would be a MacBook Pro, but the new 13″ Macbook Airs are incredibly thin, light, and have the processing ‘grunt’ that all of their predecessors have struggled with.  I do use my laptop out and about an awful lot, and whilst weight isn’t a major consideration, the SSD, quick book times, and general niceness of the Macbook air is also tempting… or do I just use my white MacBook until it really is as old as the hills.  Decisions, decisions.

I’m back at work tomorrow, let’s see what the rest of the rest of the summer has to hold.


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