The story so far – up to date

And so this brings us up to date, and module four – Groups and Communities: Researching the Design of Technology Enhanced Learning.

For this module my research is about asynchronous forums, those online forums that we all use in, teaching and in everyday life.  I’ve used a ‘grounded theory’ approach,  you go into the research without any preconceptions of ideas, just an approximate area.  I’ve carried out three group interviews with a total of six academics, transcribed every minute of conversation, open coded, grouped and categorised all the information.  This, plus literature review and methodology discussion, all in 5,500 words has been a struggle, but as of Saturday (when I started this blog), I’ve got a first draft completed.

This is well before the cut-off date for the draft submission, meaning that I should manage some sort of Summer break this year, which I didn’t really manage at all last year, taking laptop with me.

Now that I’ve brought the story up to date, I can start to post things about the future of the PhD, and where I intend to be.  I will try and keep the blog focused on my studies, but I’m sure I’ll be forgiven for drifting off-topic from time to time.


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