The story so far – part three

Module three was entitled Researching Technology Enhanced/Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

This was the module I had been looking forward to the most, directly relating to what I do for much of my professional live (delivering learning and teaching online), and I chose a really exciting (for me), subject, the evaluation of a Virtual World developed by my institution.

I interviewed three people with different perspectives, asking them a range of questions extracted from the literature review.  These were then developed into case records, and subsequently formed into a single case study.

The feedback from the draft submission focused on a single word in the title of the paper – that of ‘Evaluation’.  It appears that this has a very specific meaning in this context.  For the first time however I defended the position within the paper, whilst I changed some uses of the word within the study, for the most part the meaning of ‘evaluation’ was clear throughout the paper.

The peer reviews were very supportive, and the writing style was more ‘academic’ in tone.

The result? – 64%, anyone spotting a pattern here?


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